Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day

Lots of snow today, school was canceled, Zumba canceled, and the boys spent half the day clearing their little skating rink in the back yard...(which is only about 15 feet wide and unfortunately, from the way the knees of their snow pants smelled, probably a pretty high percent of frozen horse pee.) Anyway, they were happy, and very busy clearing and re clearing as the snow kept falling.

Hanging out at Jen's tonight, she just made awesome General Tso's Chicken, because she's a wicked nerd like that, I mean...she's a wicked good cook. Now the kids are jumping on Avry's Christmas trampoline that takes up the entire living room, and we're praying they don't barf General Tso's Chicken all over the place.

In keeping with my movie commentary: Right now, Jen is watching a movie called 'What Would Jesus Buy?' NOT a religious movie, despite the title, rather a sort of reality show/protest against consumerism. This group dresses up like a choir and plants themselves in malls, Disneyland, etc, and sing about "The Shopocolipse". I gotta say, it's pretty funny. But only if you aren't into buying stuff from China. If you like shopping a whole ton, you'd be seriously offended.

And now it's home and to bed. Tomorrow's another day off, since, snow or not, there's no school on Fridays. Taking the kids to hear an author they like speak at the library, and maybe Eli and I will have a skating date on Saturday, since he's really into that lately. Then there's a fun art opening on Sunday we'll go to. Seems like it'll be a good weekend, lots of time spent with my boys. And snow. There will be snow. Finally.

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