Thursday, January 19, 2012


Cozy and warm and safe. That's what's important. Just a bit of a big deal change, with no washer/dryer, Internet, phone, dishwasher, all that jazz. No huge problem with most of that.(What kind of spoiled-brat baby would I be, if I was pissed off about not having a dishwasher?!  I should just be happy I'm not living in a cardboard box right now.) Well...I gotta say, a phone or Internet would be nice, because I feel pretty isolated. And the road is not one I want to drive up and down too many times in a day, if I can help it. Last night, I put the kids to bed, then I just kind of wandered around, sat down to read, got back up in five minutes, washed the counter (again), and then it's like seven steps across the whole apartment to my book again...finally decided to watch a video. Felt strange. Too quiet. But I'll get used to it, I guess.

Grampa was completely unresponsive for several days, but then perked up and spoke again yesterday, so that makes me feel better. I'm just having a little slump with all the changes and the move. I feel like I've spent 16 years on nothing, because now I'm in my "first apartment" without a cent to my name, just starting out.  Trying to find a job.  A flexible one so I can still be a good mom.  And that seems crazy at 34. Even if 34 IS the new 24, let me tell you: poor is NOT the new rich.

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  1. I say this as someone who also recently moved into her own apartment, and is living actually alone for the first time ever, that a fresh start is a good thing.

    Good luck, and I mean that sincerely.