Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's A Small World After All

So, you know when you just learn something and then it coincidentally pops up immediately? Like people tell you a fascinating new fact about gorillas and then boom! ...You drive right by Gorilla Street the very next moment. (OK, that made no sense, but you get what I mean, right?)...Is there a word for this phenomenon? Knowledge + Coincidence = What? This has been happening daily to me lately, and it's awfully strange. But fun.

I've started dating John. You might know him. You might not. Anyway, he seems to be the king of this weird phenomenon. A magnet for it. One example: My sis-in-law Tamera, and her husband Sean, just moved into this darling house in Plainfield VT, (making the long trek from San Fransisco in a cramped uhaul with two cats running wild in the cab with them) which is awesome, very glad to have them less than an hour away, the kids are in ecstasies. Anyway, I was describing their cute, brick house to John...then the next day, he tells his mother about it (she lives one town over, in Marshfield) and it turns out that her partner used to own it, and once threw a naked man who was sleeping with his ex-wife down the stairs in that very house...some coincidence, huh? And also it turns out John's mom's next door neighbor is my cousin Tim, who was at their place the other night when they happened to mention their son was dating me...apparently THAT was a funny scene. If you want to use the word 'funny' to encompass all manners of awkwardness.

Another goofy coincidence happened this week, I was in the Hanover Co-Op, when I noticed all these mylar baloons on the floor in the corner. Upon closer inspection, I saw they were shaped like animals with dangling cardboard feet and leashes, and were miraculously floating just a few inches off the floor. Some brilliant mastermind figured out all the details so you can actually walk an inflatable pug dog and have it follow right behind you, bobbing along completely realistically. (I was really into these, as you can probably tell.) I led one up and down a few aisles, other shoppers giving me the wow-now-she's-a-piece-of-work-whatta-freak eyeball before I decided I had no real need for an eleven dollar balloon shaped like a pug dog. Next day, a friend shows me a video saved on his phone of his son trying to pop an INFLATABLE MYLAR PUG DOG.

Is any of this important or meaningful? No. Just curious. And I like silly parallel occurences.

Yeah, my life, which is on an uncharted course at the moment, unsure and all very new and foreign, is suddenly filled with many, many chance happenings, deja vu, coincidence after coincidence, seemimgly random encounters with the very same person you were just speaking of, odd moments of supernatural connections...rather interesting, to say the least. Such a small world. Once you actually pick your head up and look around anyway. Maybe I haven't done that for a while.

What's that game? Five Degrees Of Separation? Where you can connect any two people in no more than five steps? Here in Vt, I feel like you can cut it down to TWO degrees of separation. And throw in a few gorillas, naked men, shocked cousins, and helium-bloated pug dogs for good measure.

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