Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ira put his hands on his hips this morning and, looking up at the sky, shouted: "God, throw down some snow! I wanna roller skate." I'd like to retract his plea, if it's all the same to you, God. You can hold off on the snow for a good, long time still.

The Fair's over, which means it's officially Fall...leaves are turning, air's crisp...I like Fall, like the way it smells and feels. Wouldn't mind it lasting well into rollerskating season.

Here are a few shots from this year's fair...I didn't feel much like taking a zillion pictures, it was a looooooooong four days. Mostly wonderful, as always, just tiring.

My dance group's performance was a bust, not my dancer's fault, the sound system crapped out, but luckily it was a wet, cold night and only a small handful of folks had to watch the disaster that was our show. We did the best we could, and I'm proud of everybody for pulling it off when we couldn't tell what the heck song was coming out of the speakers. Ah well, better luck next time.

Antique Hill was fun and amusing, the way I expected it to be, heard lots of stories from old-timers, plenty of "I think children should still recite the Pledge Of Allegiance" and "It was better when kids got smacked for giving the teacher any lip" and "We said the 23rd Psalm every morning."

The boys got pretty exhausted this weekend, so very grateful to our super nannies for their patience. And now here we are: Fall. Extra quilts coming out, no heat yet and it's already frigid in here most mornings. Gotta get cracking. I thought we could hold out until October before needing the furnace, but maybe not. Hey God? Instead of answering Ira's prayer for snow, can you just throw down a few cords of wood? Please and thank you and Amen.

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