Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tricky Business

People who play pranks are really sort of cool. Take my brother-in-law Matt, for example. He LIVES for pranking people. My mom falls for every one of his gag phone calls. Among other things, he can pull off the old "Is your refrigerator running?" like nobody else. You think you couldn't possibly fall for that one? Think again. If you stayed late after school to finish up a project, who would have the uncanny ability to know what darkened hallway you'd be walking down, and could jump out at you, nearly causing your heart to stop beating? That's right, Matt. Who hides in the back of your pick-up truck on a summer night, so they can reach around through the window and grab you by the neck as you start to pull out of your driveway? (Ummm...holy crap.) That would be Matt. It's really quite impressive. I can't ever trick anyone, I'm lame like that. Plus, with my luck, the person driving the truck would have a stroke and drive us off a bank. Matt has good timing and crazy luck. Tricky, tricky guy.

Totally off the subject, but the word 'trick' reminds me of Pete. When I was a little, we had a pony, a mostly nice pony. Pigweed Pete. He had 50 tricks, my parents like to say. He ate a hole in the side of the barn big enough to walk out of so, yeah, I guess he had some stuff up his sleeve alright.

Once my sisters and I tried to booby trap the neighbor's swing set as kids, but all we got out of it was the girl's mother calling, all pissed off, telling us to take our prank down. Similar reaction for toilet papering some trees on Halloween. Ticked off people, immediately knowing it was me. Matt needs to pass on his secrets. How he gets away with trick after trick. And making people laugh all the while. We should all be so lucky.

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