Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Thaw

Nice sunny day, everything is drippy and melty! I went to the ER a few days ago with what I thought was a broken rib, but luckily, it was just cracked cartilage between my ribs. Feels much better now. Just sore. Who would have thought coughing could do that?! I'm nearly done with this cough now. And The Baby dislocated his elbow last weekend playing in the back yard. That gave us a pretty stressful night, but all is well now. It's funny, I would say all in all, that this winter has been far trickier than last winter and I'm doing OK with it. Maybe I just had a chemical imbalance last year, or I'm way to busy to dwell on it this time around. Because last winter, I think I was a mess nearly every day. And of course, I still have those days, when I'm a wreck, but they certainly aren't the rule. Even though I've overbooked Saturday, I'm not freaking out. (yet!) I have a senior portrait session in the morning, a swing class to teach immediately afterward, and then a wedding to photograph the instant my class is over. Oh dear. Oh well. I think a lot of credit goes to the dance classes. I'm really loving teaching them, and who knows? Perhaps I sweat out all my problems? Makes me a firm believer in the exercise is better than antidepressants theory. It's been amazing and gratifying to watch the classes grow to almost bursting out of my studio. Also awesome to watch everyone get GOOD. Like super good. I feel so proud. I'm not the greatest dancer...but I think I'm a decent teacher, and it makes me thrilled to step back and watch them all and think: I DID THAT. So, yeah, it's not some big, earth changing accomplishment, but it makes me happy anyway. Plus, it makes me feel young again...loud music, laughing, leotards... Strange that when I stopped feeling depressed that my "calling" was getting me nowhere, a new calling found me. Not at all what I expected to be doing, but I think I've given up guessing where life will lead. I'm just along for the ride.

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