Friday, July 24, 2009

Exit The Pox

We are done! Av is at the tail end of it, and my littlest will be scabby for awhile, but more pox EVER!!!! Three AM tomorrow should see us on the road, headed for a beach cabin week. Maybe it's summer in PEI, at least?! Hugs! -Emily

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Clean Sweep

"Come walk with me, in forests of azure, pretty girly" was what he said to me, the night we finally spoke. Admittedly a perceptive and catchy pick-up line. It was the summer I was obsessed with The Doors, so of course it had to be fate, (or possibly my t-shirt, or the fact that I spent every camp mealtime sneaking soulful glances in his direction.) Dream Boy, with his salon-set dreadlocks, copy of Helter Skelter crammed into his back pocket and seemingly endless supply of pot, was in my eyes, equal parts crunchy, sophistication, and hip. He almost got me killed that summer, with his arrogant trespassing on mentally unsound, Vietnam vets abandoned sandpits, our illegal skinny dipping in reservoirs, midnight rides in stolen canoes down unfamiliar rivers, Beastie Boys concert where I was lost and repeatedly crushed by sweaty thugs in a mosh pit. Ah, memories. Things I've completely forgotten until today, thank goodness! I've spent the better part of the day cleaning the house. Really trying to get rid of crap. I came across so many boxes of letters, journals, scrapbooks, manuscripts, photos, poems, and sketches, and am attempting to ditch the actual trash...which is truly, a pretty hefty percentage. I mean, do I really need a butterfly made out of a broken guitar string and some boy's hair? Or three hundred magazine clippings on The Cure? How about a collage of Starburst wrappers? Piles of junior high lab reports with great covers, but not-so-great content? Lists of possible names for future pets and children (in that order)? Some things, I'll certainly keep. Sweet things, nostalgic things, things that had meaning...but out go the random bottle tops, movie tickets and horoscopes that are taking up valuable memory space. Pack rat no more!

His Turn

I won't post the worst pics, too gory! He's doing much better now, but oh man! That was TERRIBLE!!!!! So glad we are getting it over with though!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pox, Pox, Pox. Rain, Rain, Rain.

The Kid is done with the chicken pox...and just when we thought The Baby had somehow missed catching them, they showed up this morning. Kind of a pain because we were going to spend the weekend in the White Mountains and do Storyland, but now the little one is miserable. I think we may go anyhow since Justin has a ton of paperwork he wants to catch up on. He and the tiny can hang at the hotel, while E and I will go play. Not the same when we're not all together though. So far, summer has been a bust. Rain, rain, and more rain. We've been doing next to nothing due to this whole pox deal for the entire month, and now it'll be even longer. We've barely made a dent in our "to do" list and I'm starting to get in a panic about it. Justin finally bought a new truck, well, not new, but you know what I mean. He got pulled over and ticketed while driving it home. Uugg. I'm so hoping the Wee Man is feeling better by next week because we are supposed to be heading to the island. No way to postpone it, the rest of the summer is full. We'd just have to cancel. And we've already canceled so much. I'm back to teaching dance two nights a week, clogging one night, and hip hop & latin another. Nice to have some time away from the house, even if it is just across the street. Blah, blah, blah. (Dear Lord, LISTEN to this complaining!) Sorry, I can't put much energy into writing a better entry handed typing with a fevery bub in my arms. Ok, ending this now. Later. -Em

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dad's Camp

July 4th in Newberry for my grandparents birthday, luckily everyone in our family has already had the chicken pox! It rained, it shone, it rained some matter! We have been sharing lollypops with many chicken pox hopefuls this week, kind of gross, if you think about it. I feel bad because the boys both have bad colds on top of E's pox, so everyone may get two kinds of sick. I'm thinking that E is no longer contageous at this point, and The Baby has another couple of days until he should get it. This may change our vacation plans at the end of the month. We'll see. Tamera heads back to California tomorrow. Her cabin got nearly completed during her visit, and it's super cute and cozy. Myra and Jim return from the Canary Islands this evening, I believe. The sun is actually out today! It's been so wet and icky, I feel like we haven't had any summer yet and here it is, half over. Boo. Anyway, putting the Small One down for his nap now and making lunch for the Spotted One. -Emily

Friday, July 3, 2009

Yesterday - Day Two Of The Chicken Pox

It's much worse today, poor little guy. Also, The Baby should come down with it in 10 days or so (yay...we are doomed to a MONTH of Chicken Pox), but right now he has a terrible cold. (a short video Tamera took of The Kid)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chicken Pox

I took these photos yesterday, and I photoshopped what looked like several bug bites off his face...this morning when I peeled off his night shirt, he was covered in red spots and bumps. Dr. visit confirmed Chicken Pox. He DID have a fever a couple of nights ago. Well, I'm glad we are getting them now...but there is so much fun stuff happening that we are going to miss in the next few weeks. It looks like we picked it up at the wedding, Jim's tiny, swing dancing nephew, Wyatt, came down with it. Anyhow, if anyone's looking for it, it's here. Free germs for the taking!