Monday, July 6, 2009

Dad's Camp

July 4th in Newberry for my grandparents birthday, luckily everyone in our family has already had the chicken pox! It rained, it shone, it rained some matter! We have been sharing lollypops with many chicken pox hopefuls this week, kind of gross, if you think about it. I feel bad because the boys both have bad colds on top of E's pox, so everyone may get two kinds of sick. I'm thinking that E is no longer contageous at this point, and The Baby has another couple of days until he should get it. This may change our vacation plans at the end of the month. We'll see. Tamera heads back to California tomorrow. Her cabin got nearly completed during her visit, and it's super cute and cozy. Myra and Jim return from the Canary Islands this evening, I believe. The sun is actually out today! It's been so wet and icky, I feel like we haven't had any summer yet and here it is, half over. Boo. Anyway, putting the Small One down for his nap now and making lunch for the Spotted One. -Emily

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