Monday, September 21, 2009

Another fair, come and gone...

I tried to count the other day...I think I've worked around 13? 14? 15? fairs now. Despite it being a pretty cold Saturday, there was a huge turn out, and the rest of the days too, I think. Saturday is always the busiest though. Eli was rather challenging this year...overly excited and showing off...if you can call exaggeratedly picking your nose when somebody asks to take your picture showing off... Anyway, we had our fantastic mother's helper, Moriah, with us, and that made things 100 times easier, that extra set of eyes and hands, and the only other person that The Baby will happily snuggle with. The Fair is always the no-turning-back start of fall, and does it ever feel like Fall today. I hope we get a new furnace SOON! Oh, and my regular fancyish camera is broken and awaiting shipment back to the company, so excuse the poor quality, point & shoot camera shots.

Howling at the moon.

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