Monday, March 16, 2009

My Sweet Babies

Made the first syrup of the season last night... Yay! It took several days for the pans to sweeten, but it should be hourly from here on out! That's the good news, well, that and the fact that everybody is healthy and happy for the most part... Bad news is: We woke up on Saturday morning to the smoke detectors going off. We are NEVER turning that old oil furnace on again...No more cement is going to do a thing for it. It's been hobbed back together a dozen times. Justin decided he would cut down a half-uprooted tree that has been leaning towards our barn for a while, and fire up the wood furnace. As luck would have it, his chainsaw died and he spent half the day tinkering with it before we got cold enough to go get some wood from Mom & Dad's house. We actually ordered three cords of firewood months ago, but the guy had no wood to deliver, and kept telling us he'd get some soon, but winter's practically over! Anyway, it's warm today. I just gave the baby his first chocolate chip cookie after lunch. He seemed to enjoy it and then the next thing I knew, he had gone and chewed on my white dining room curtains with a mouthful of chocolate...not a pretty sight. Uuuggg. He also had a diaper explosion earlier while seated on a dainty, lacy, floral throw cushion. Right now he's seeing if he can cover every inch of the kitchen with dog kibble...the only thing worth playing with, in his opinion. It was a rather calm morning though, as The Kid slept in until 9:30, an unheard of time for rising in our house! All the sugaring/snowshoeing/late nights are getting to him. I am forseeing school mornings to be trouble with a capital T! He had a fabulous time raking mud in my parent's driveway yesterday. He was caked with it from toe to chest, but quite thrilled with himself. On Saturday, we took the kids to see Goodnight Moon/The Runaway Bunny by the Mermaid Theatre, a traveling group from Nova Scotia. I highly recommend it for little people, absolutely wonderful, and they loved it. My hard-drive is still dead, not dead and buried, but certainly dead for the time being until we can afford to have the data recovered. My pictures on here may be very limited for awhile because there is no room on my computer to hold them. I can upload straight from my camera onto flickr and then pull them from flickr to here, but that seems like an awful lot of work at the moment. Just putting a couple of pictures on and typing a little is a lot of work today...The Kid leaned over to see these pictures, and fell out of his chair, yanking out a good sized fistful of my hair on his way down. And now they've both left me nursing my bald spot to go play in their rice table. E calls to me every few seconds to tell me his brother is eating it/dumping it out/spitting in it/mixing in dog food/or wrecking whatever he is trying to do, but they are very cute playing together. Spring sunshine is pouring in, the river is rushing along, all choppy and brown, bare patches of ground are growing barer and mud-squishy...things are improving, maybe not in looks, but I'm thawing too. A little less tense, frozen and grouchy every day closer to bare feet, green grass and wide open windows.

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