Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 20th

It's a beautiful day! We had a lovely weekend, after the pipes got fixed. Several friends that we haven't seen in ages came to visit, and it wasn't too cold to go out, so we got a little winter fun in. Everybody is healthy, happy and in general good spirits! (The Baby did throw up all over the car on the way home from dropping The Kid off at school this morning, but I'd like to think that that was just a fluke. Now he's cheerfully playing pirate all by himself, with no big brother around to steal his sword.) The Kid's school (well, grade 3 and up, anyway) are all going to The Pines (infamous local bar, very Nascar, VERY local) to watch the inauguration because there are no television sets anywhere in the school, and certainly no cable! So the Waldorf children will get a good dose of tv and nascar all in one day! I laugh really hard picturing it. Hmmmmm....I'm trying to add photos to this post and just getting the error screen. So, I guess you should just go to my flickr page for shots from the weekend.

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