Monday, September 15, 2008


We are heading off to the Island in a day or two to close up the cottage for the winter, (Arrrgggg! WINTER!!! Already!?) and to do the 70 mile coastal yard sale, one of my favorite PEI events! This last weekend was spent at the fair, as you can see, by all the photos in the post before this one. Fun and exhausting, as always. Kathi, Jen and I tried to dress exactly alike on Sunday for some sneaky switcheroo action. People have always seemed to think that Kathi and I are the same person, even dressed totally differently, so it was interesting to exaggerate that. Of course the weather was too hot, too cold, and then raining in true fair fashion. I've decided to quit clogging classes, at least for the winter. I have no parking at my studio once snow flies, and we pass around every germ possible with all the hand holding, Jen, Myra and I squabble too much about each other's teaching style or lack of, and we are simply TIRED. I'll miss it, but boy, we sure do need a break. And now that I have two free nights a week, Justin and I are going to start taking Salsa and Latin lessons again. We haven't been able to find the time for years, with clogging and other commitments taking up all our week nights. Anyhow, I guess it's the letdown after several crazy-busy weeks, but I feel so dragged to death today. Too many things, too little time. The kids are doing great, all is well, but that wish-winter-wasn't-coming-so-soon-I-just-turned-31-man-am-I-tired-where-can-I-get-a-million-bucks depression is setting in. Sorry, I am always complaining in this blog. I really have nothing to whine about, only a vague sense of ick due to the anticipation of a long, cold winter, tons of heating bills, and that good ol' cabin fever. I honestly love my life and the people that I share it with, but sometimes even the happiest of us wouldn't mind being whisked off to La la Land for a little while. (La la Land...I think I get this expression from my sixth grade English teacher, I can't remember anyone else I know ever using it.) The thought of winter somehow sets in this feeling of loneliness that I can't explain. Maybe I'm just imagining it. Also, I forgot how much I miss people until last weekend, when long lost loved ones came out of the woodwork, and some didn't. Either way, it's sad because there are only so many hours in my day, and I don't seem to have the time I need to stay in touch.

So yeah, it was awesome to reconnect with old friends for a couple of days, everyone is healthy, things are running along smoothly according to, or maybe slightly behind, schedule, going on a tiny vacation, and not looking forward to the next season. That's the abbreviated version of this entry. XXOO -Me

PS. It never occurs to me, until one of you mentions it, that anyone actually wades though these posts. So please forgive my habit of basically writing to myself. I forget, sometimes, that this isn't just my little journal for vents, gripes and yadda, yadda, yadda ramblings!

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