Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last Island Trip For The Year...

Aaaaaaaand I'm way too lazy today to upload all the pictures! Head over to my flickr account if you want to see them. It was a wonderful week, all sunshine. The 70 mile coastal yard sale was amazing. If only we'd had the truck with us...! It was good to have the restricted car space though, or I might have gone overboard. As it was, I strapped a ceiling high bookcase and adirondack chair to the roof and we somehow stuffed a dresser into our teensy trunk. All things for our cottage, so at least we didn't have to haul it very far. Our neighbors, the Garretts, had us over for dinner again. Always nice to see them, and what a feast! A nice change from our one-pot cabin meals. The Baby cut an upper tooth while we were there. We spent tons of time at the beach because, although breezy, it is still lots warmer there than it is here. We put away all the outdoor furniture and closed up the cabin for the winter. It was incredibly nice to be there. A little escape from all the pressures back home. I love the smell, all salt and tang, and the sound of the ferry fog horn at night. The beaches were empty, (well, they are pretty much empty even in high season) and everything felt peaceful. No offense to anyone, you know I love you, but it's so refreshing to be someplace where you don't have anyone else around, no friends, no family, no commitments, we can just be together, without always having somewhere else to be, always running late, feeling stressed, or having all our time taken up with work/events/projects/etc. Living in a small town, with our entire family nearby, a little solitary confinement is kinda nice for us! Anyway, Jen and Av just got here, so I'd better run!

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