Monday, June 16, 2008


OK, family and friends....our friends Chuck and Wren run/own a camp in Franconia and in exchange for some help we are giving them, we will have use of the camp for a weekend (we THINK August 29-31) to have a giant 10 year anniversary party! Our actual wedding date was June 27th, but we are too busy to do anything right the camp will be full of children until the end of the summer. So, everybody, pencil it in! There are cabins enough for over 60 people and we will do lots of dorky camp activities (including a log-rolling competition in the pond!!! Hee hee!) We'll send out actual invitations in the next few weeks after we double check the date, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up! We hope you can come!

Justin and Ira test the bell.

Inside of a cabin.

One of the more rustic cabins.

There are eleven tennis courts.

Main lodge.

From the hilltop cabin.

Very 70's girl's cabin.

Justin doesn't really have a beer gut...just an odd position...I think...

The Kid is pretty good at tennis!

Main lodge.

Hilltop cabin.

Dining hall.

One of the main lodge bedrooms.


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