Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Day Of School

So, this day was horrible. Firstly, Justin and I had argued about The Kid's end-of-school-picnic for several days because it was going to be at a teacher's house, 40 minutes away, full of activities that are tricky with two little kids and only one parent (he needed to work), and most families are ALL involved. Plus, my car was out of gas...this may seem like a tiny problem, but getting gas and dragging two kids into the station with you is the stuff of nightmares.So whatever, we decided I would do it alone and just somehow cope, since Justin had to go to work.
The baby is teething and was up nursing all night, and I have a cold.
All parents needed to meet at the school to follow the teacher to the picnic at 8:30. The school is 15 minutes from our house.
It's really coming down, but around here, something like a picnic doesn't get cancelled due to rain!
I woke up at 8:10, having still to pack a picnic lunch, dress myself and two kids in full rain gear, bring towels, extra clothes, etc. Nevermind breakfast. (Justin has been calmly making himself crepes in the kitchen...the kitchen with a clock on the wall) Justin tells me there is plenty of gas....gas light comes on as I reach the school ten minutes late and find all the carpoolers just pulling out. The baby is screaming as I follow a line of cars over miles of maze-like backroads, but I can't pull over, because I have no idea where I am and would be lost. We get there, it's pouring and cold. I have forgotten to put socks and shoes on the baby, so I put him in the sling and zip him up inside my raincoat which he does not like and makes me feel 18 months pregnant. The kids all plant some seeds in the rain...OK, I can handle this. A God-awful smell arises from my raincoat, and I discover the diaper bag has been left behind. Luckily, another mother who DOES'NT have her head up her ass gives me a diaper. Then it's time for a walk to the pond. I am wearing leather mary janes because I couldn't find any socks in .3 seconds this morning to wear with my boots. I slide down a half mile trail that, when not crazily steep, is ankle deep in black mud. The Kid insists on holding his umbrella which gets stuck and tangled in every tree and bush not to mention other people's hair. Eventually he falls over backwards in a pool of muck and another parent, who can actually bend over, has to pull him out. When we return to the picnic site, I attempt to change his pants, and can not because they are glued on with mud and I am still 18 months pregnant with a screaming baby. I am shoeless, by now, sweating and soaked to the thigh. The other hippie mothers and fathers look at me in pity from under their all-natural rubber slickers and wellies. His teacher helps me out. Maypole, games, songs, all very wet and miserable. We eat without too much disaster other than one little girl yelling "Let's pretend we are at Dunkin' Donuts!" All the Waldorf teachers look shocked and I feel temporarily smug that my kids don't know what a donut is. Feeling passes as MOST children have thoughtful parents and have brought gifts for their beloved teacher, as well as their classmates. Candles and seedlings and hugs are pressed upon us. I feel awful. Almost time to leave, I think that we are golden, as long as the gas holds out. On the way home, the car that I follow needs to turn back for something, and the driver gives me a quick explaination of how to continue. I pray I don't get lost or run out of gas...quick check of cellphone shows a dead battery and charger has been left in Justin's truck. Car is also smoking for some reason. Baby screams the entire way. Miraculously arriving at a familiar gas station near the school, I find that the last check has been torn out of my checkbook. I somehow make it home, feeling like I fail at life.
All in all, a delightful day.
Sorry all, my journal has been misplaced, so this blog gets to be my spot for venting today!

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