Tuesday, March 11, 2008


As for funny things The Kid says lately....I've been meaning to write them down because there are a million. But sadly, only a couple pop to mind at the moment.

So, after The Baby got done gnawing on him, The Kid remarked happily "Look Mom! We're tied together with spit!"

The other night while he was up on his step stool brushing his teeth, he leaned over and rubbed my head affectionately and said "Awww, Mommy! You're my little midget." Hmmmm....

He was just sitting here playing on the floor today when he said "Wouldn't it be funny to dress Dublin in a bathing suit?! ...Yeah, 'cause she needs to BATHE!"

I'll have to add to this post when I remember more. Argg! What a bad mother! I laugh my self silly when he says things, then promptly forget them!

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