Saturday, March 15, 2008

Horses On Ice

So, this was a pretty cool show on Friday night, I was rather bummed about not having a working flash on my camera. On one hand, I like these shots, because you get a feeling of the speed, but they did a lot in the dark with sparklers attached to the horses hooves, or carried torches, and I couldn't get a good photo. Some interesting Icelandic info: They are the fastest horse breed in short distances, up to 40 mph. These guys have little studded shoes to help them on the ice, but this type of horse is very surefooted anyway. They are super smooth gaited, they demonstrated this by galloping around with giant, full beer mugs! The horse that Sigrun is riding in these photos is a world champion stallion worth 300 thousand. Ouch. We could trade our house for him. Maybe. Anyway, the boys loved it, and it was a fun time. Now we are sick and not really having an enjoyable weekend! I feel like we've been sick 90% of the winter. I have a nasty cold, but The Kid just threw up, so here we go....

Jason skates

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