Thursday, September 10, 2015


"You're taking your kids along on your honeymoon?!"  But of course.  Why wouldn't we?  The real fun happens when we are all together.  

Just returning from our family honeymoon in Westport! Most perfect week imaginable...a gift from our dear friend, Charlotte, who lives there. We stayed in her barn-turned-guest-house, surrounded by water, and soaked up the last of the summer. Lounging on the beautiful beaches with warm (!) water, sailing with Woody in his gorgeous 1914 schooner out to Cuttyyhunk Island, surfing, sea kayaking, touring museums, watching tennis matches at the club, eating ridiculous amounts of yummy food, reading, taking in a few historic sites... it couldn't have been better, we really got treated to the (much unaccustomed, but much enjoyed!) high life for a few days. During, literally, the last five minutes before heading home, Eli slipped coming down some steps at Battleship Cove and we ended up going to the ER just to make sure he didn't break his arm (nope! phew!) but otherwise, WHAT A WEEK! Incredible. Made to order. A truly needed rest after such a busy year. And what awesome family we have to take care of the farm while we were away. Thank you all! So blessed.

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