Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tutu Cute

Nearing the end of another session of my Baby Ballet classes, which have remained pretty popular, despite the fact that we never know what room we're going to be stuck in, from one week to the next.  ...Makes for some challenging lesson planning on my part!  I try to repeat the basics a lot: warm-up stretches, the positions, tendu, chasse, plie, port du bra, jete, simple choreography...and so on.  But, to keep them from getting bored, we always throw in plenty of creative movement, games, and some fun props and toys.  The parachute, bubble maker and Elsa, the lamb, have been crowd favorites this session!  Because we have so many kiddos, I teach back-to-back classes on Tuesday nights and by the time I hit the hay, I'm utterly wrecked.  They're all so darling though, and our 'fridge artwork gallery has certainly multiplied from all the pictures and crayoned cards that get thrust into my hand by wee ones in tutus.  Plus, Ira's math skills have improved from being my cashier, so really, it's win-win!

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