Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Grab Bag Day

We started out running a few errands in the Upper Valley, then moseyed on over to Potter's Place for a caboose picnic, next explored the nearby back roads until we found the swimming hole I remembered from my teen summers, complete with natural slides carved from rock and mini-waterfalls just right for little boys to play in.  Eli was terrifically excited by every new bend in the stream and grinned non-stop as he paddled in the clear pools.  After that, it was on to Lake Sunapee for a lake-themed historical museum and home-made gelato on the marina docks.  Next stop, a river-side farm where we picked a flat of perfect strawberries as the sun set and finally finished up our day with what Ira considered a highlight, an exploding bottle of local, orange cream soda that fell from our grocery cart and broke in the parking lot with a big smash, resulting in several workers rushing over to help clean it up.  Ira talked about it the rest of the way home, or at least until he fell asleep, and we carried him in to bed, berry-stains and all.  

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