Monday, February 11, 2013

Ski Day

 Suicide Six.  When I was little, they used to have this free J bar lift over there.  I'd forgotten about it until now.  Not EXACTLY free anymore, but close enough!  When the sun shone on Sunday, we dropped everything and hit the hill.  I lounged on top of my parka and soaked it up at the bottom, doling out the occasional juice box, while the boys must have taken fifty or sixty runs.  "Hi Mom!" they'd yell, skidding to a stop to spray me with snow, and then they'd be off again.  Even though Ira is not as technically good as Eli is yet, he's just as fast, so he's delighted to do something where he can actually keep up with his big brother.  He was cracking the lift guys up because, at one point, he bombed down, (wearing my giant sunglasses and looking like a baby Elton John) cut Eli off in the lift line and shouted "So long, SUCKA!" over his shoulder as he went back up.    

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