Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Ahead

Mud has mired me briefly, but have no fear, it too will pass. All my winter misery and self-pity will melt shortly and I'll have no cause for complaint. Looking ahead to Spring with a heart full of hope. Things will be better, they have to be. Just hearing the birds calling as I stand on my deck in the morning means everything. Quite different from the icy silence of a frosty January morning when you shiver and are convinced summer will never come again. Scraping my car windshield will be but a distant memory! I do feel rather harried at present, not able to give Spring as much attention as I'd like, but somehow knowing that the sun will come back soon helps so much. I'm working three part time jobs and feel like I rush from place to place every minute. It must be sheer luck that I manage to walk out the door every day with my head still attached. Poor Ira has been such a good sport...getting dragged along everywhere, "Hurry, hurry!" I'm always saying to him. He's probably going to remember these years as nothing but the corner of some school gym, eating endless animal crackers while Mummy dances. No, not true. The kids and I have gotten plenty of little adventures in lately. And plenty of creamsicle eating, with our feet dangling off the porch, soaking up early sunshine. That's been my favorite thing this last week, having some time to sit STILL, with my boys and do nothing at all together.

We went up to Unadilla last weekend to see the lambs. Sweet, wee things, slurping milk from old beer bottles. The tiny runt wearing a fleece jacket and living in Ann and Bill's kitchen is especially darling. Trotting around, stumbling a bit on it's mini, polished, high heels, following them everywhere. There's something akin to hero worship in the way lambs follow children that have just fed them from a bottle, I love watching it. And somehow a newborn lamb reminds me of my own babies. Curious and trusting and comical. Little clowns, all of them. All babies, everywhere.

Sorry folks, haven't any deep thoughts today. (Ha! As if I ever do!) My mind is elsewhere, thinking of the one million other things I need to think of, but Spring is well on the way and I'm feeling awfully glad about that. There's certainly something to be said for the absence winter gear needed before leaving the house, cuts many, many minutes off our departure time. And I need all the minutes I can get. Daylight Savings Time? Bring it on. Adds more minutes for creamsicle eating.

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