Monday, October 10, 2011

Indian Summer

Glorious weekend. Warm and colorful. Since it was Justin's day with the boys on Sunday, John and I decided to take a tiny road trip and made up a ridiculous scavenger hunt to enjoy a day out. Our partial list (I forget some), from random, goofy suggestions:

1. Get a stranger to tell us a story.
2. Find our names on old gravestones.
3. Read three historic markers.
4. Pet a puppy.
5. Eat a Charleston Chew.
6. Buy a Christmas gift for someone.
7. Cross the Connecticut River
8. See a movie
9. Go to a used bookstore.
10. Hijack a plane. (Optional)

We ended up adding a few other things along the way...took a detour to Lake Groton and had lunch with Matty, climbed Owl's Head with a bizarre assortment of tourists, and had an accidental three hour dinner at a crazy Italian restaurant, where we almost started waiting on tables ourselves, so harried were the waitstaff. It was a much needed and fun break from a stressful week, I laughed a lot and almost felt human again by the end. Thank God for friends.

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