Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A week on the Island! Ah, gone are the days the kids used to sleep for half the drive...this time E asked the classic "Are we there yet?" for the entire 14 hours. We were really all pretty packed into our car due to the dog's crate taking up most of the trunk. Happily, the pup was a pro traveler, snoozing upside-down between the boys. Very cute. The weather was awesome all week on PEI, even though it was cold and rainy back home. We did some little projects around the cabin, and had lots of beach time. We'll head back to Canada for the last two weeks of July, if anyone wants to join us. Nice to be back in Vermont, even though a vacation was very welcome! My garden needs weeding, the lawn needs mowing, our chicks will be arriving soon, lots to do!

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