Thursday, July 24, 2008

We're Back!

Well, it was an interesting trip! The Kid pushed his knee through a glass-front bookcase on our first day, so we spent five hours in the emergency room getting that sewn back together. He was very good and made far less fuss than the grown man in the next room over. Plus he charmed the nurses out of a popsicle, giant handfull of stickers, and a toy firetruck. (All in all, not a wasted $700.) The really hard part was the staying-out-of-the-water-for-a-few-days. We tried to do some biking only to find that both boys heads were too big for their helmets, so The Kid's got passed down to his little bro, and we had to get him an adult sized one...but, The Baby was not too keen on the whole thing and wailed the entire ride. On the happier side, the weather was amazing! Just warm, sunny and lovely for most of the time. The Baby took his first all alone steps in our cabin! (The Kid walked for the first time on The Island too, only about a month earlier.) Myra, Jim and Raven joined us for the second week. Poor Raven ended up being The Kid's personal hero and slave. He is such a sweet guy! I hope mine are that nice at twelve! Let's see.... We spent one day at Singing Sands Beach, a gorgeous place east of us. We went on a seal watch and didn't see many seals, which is highly unusual as we ALWAYS see them. We spent time at The Kid's favorite: King's Castle Park, a huge 1970's playground. One night there was a full moon tour of the lighthouse next door, with music and ghost stories of phantom ships, which was very neat with the old lighthouse all lit with oil lamps, and lots of locals to talk to. The Kid became slightly obsessed with "The Burning Ship" though, and it took quite a while to get him off the subject. We went up to Dalvey-By-The-Sea for lunch as we always do (The White Sands Hotel, for any other Anne fans!). There were sailboat races happening in Charlottetown, so we checked out the boats and dreamed of ours getting out of the backyard finally. Did the Sir Andrew MacPhill homestead tour, watched Myra and Jim attempt to fly their kites, dug for clams, went to the beach daily, got a million ice cream cones, played games, watched movies, read, relaxed. A pretty good vacation. It was good to get home though. The boys were both kind of fussy on the ride back, so I ended up sitting in the back of the van with them a lot which makes me carsick. Needless to say, our next car will NOT be a minivan! We were half thinking of buying a car on the Island since for some crazy political reason, every car there gets 15 miles more per gallon than the exact same model sold in the USA. Pretty irritating that the tecnology is THERE, and we are not using it on purpose in this country. Anyway, I'm off the subject. So, we are home...our house always feels so huge after our cottage! Jared took care of the place while we were away and fed our chickens for us. The dog was happy to see us for ten minutes and then she sulks for a day to pay us back for leaving her. The Kid's stitches were removed the day before we came home and everything looked good, but he was so hyper yesterday that it started to retear and bleed, so he'll probably end up with more of a scar than we thought originally. Oh well. Boys. I should get used to it, I suppose. Little Av got so big in the last couple of weeks, and her hair got really long! The kids were all thrilled to see each other! I should stop now as the boys are fighting in their playhouse next to me and I'm pretending I don't hear anthing..... I'm off!