Thursday, July 10, 2008

...And We're Off!

On vacation for the next two weeks! Our car died, so we are borrowing Justin's folk's minivan...aaarrrggggg! It looks like we will be car shopping when we return. Myra, Jim and Raven will be spending the first week in our guest cabin, so we hope to show them a good time. It will be our first real vacation in years, since we usually just work or build when we go up. No tools allowed on this trip! (Well maybe a couple, since there is a little trim work and shingling left undone...) M, J, & R are bringing all the gear for kiteboarding, so we've been listening to the surf conditions on-line every morning! Seems pretty fun. We really hope some of you will come up in the future, and if anyone wants to use the cabin at any time, just let us know...we hate the thought of it just sitting there empty so much. Oh, the baby FINALLY cut his first tooth day before yesterday! Whew! About time! I was getting worried he didn't have any! And he's pretty close to walking, still likes a finger to hang on to. And The Kid is getting HUGE. His feet are bigger than his six year old friend's. He is an amazing artist, and spends tons of time with his sketch books drawing things with titles like: "Rental Car"...."Mom Driving The Boat While We Scream"..."Hippo With Very Small Tail"..."Pirate Holding A Beaver"..."School Bus Turned Into A Camper" and "Golf Guy Riding In A Digger". I should scan these to share them with you sometime. Too funny! These little guys are incredible. Justin has been mostly working on jobs here in town lately, which is awesome considering the cost to fill up his truck. It's lucky that there is more local need for building right now. He's also in the middle of building a wood gas generator for a vehicle. He plans on experimenting with our lawn tractor before trying it on the car or truck. These were used a lot in WW2 when there was an oil shortage, and it's crazy that these aren't used more now, they are an amazing thing! And so simple! I've been staying busy with teaching dance, the kiddies, and projects around the house. The days are flying by and it seems summer is half over! Anyhow, no blogging for me until we get home. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather! Love, E & Co.

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