Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Saddest Day, Continued

Thanks everyone for all the sweet e-mails and such. It's nice to hear people understand that the grief feels pretty similar to losing a dear friend or family member. The Kid initially seemed OK, sad, but not terribly weepy. Almost purposely ignoring it. And then I got a call from his school yesterday because he was going crazy, crying, screaming and thrashing when they tried to comfort him. He said that a little girl had stolen his baby brother's eggplant hat, (because she was wearing a similar one.) Well, it wasn't really about a hat, I guess he just needed an outlet to finally break down. Kids are so complicated! After that, it was easier for him to talk about everything. This morning, we talked a bunch more because he dropped some breakfast on the floor and said, without thinking, "Whoops! Dub will get it." We made a little memory table with pictures, her collar, favorite toys, and things like that. The vet smartly warned us not to use the phase "put to sleep" around little kids because it scares them about sleeping... Which I'm sure I would have thought of normally, but being upset, maybe not. So, anyway, we are all doing fine. Missing Dublin, but life moves forward, as it should.

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