Thursday, May 29, 2008


Even though we mostly worked on our vacation, we did get in a little fun time. It was still rather cool there as spring is late on PEI, the trees were just starting to bud! But the trade off is: you can swim in october! The seasons are just bumped back a month or so.

The boys are getting so grown up! Little I is walking while holding onto furniture...also doing a lot of crashing over, the poor thing is covered in bruises. Also, we found out he is allergic to sunblock, he is covered in a terrible rash now, so that's going to make things tricky. He loved his first time playing in the sand! He ate quite a few handfulls... E loved flying kites, toasting marshmallows, building sandcastles and helping us build. We'll go back in July for a longer stay, so if anyone is interested in visiting, let us know!

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