Thursday, December 27, 2012


My internet is so slow at the moment that I can't upload much for photos.  Sorry!  But our Christmas was fabulous.  The whole family was here and we had the nicest day, all together.  Good food, games, laughing, playing outside... and we got a visit from a little flying squirrel Christmas night!  Hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday too!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Wonderland

A nice heavy snowfall last night.  Eli stayed home sick, with the tail end of a cold.  Now we are cuddled up with mint tea and he's watching a funny, old Buster Keaton movie while I post.  He's laughing between sniffles.   Happy to have a day to spend with my big kid...Ira has Fridays off from school so he gets to be an only child pretty often, but not Eli.  We've had some good talks this morning, and we bundled up and trekked out to the mailbox with the last of the Christmas cards.  Feeling so blessed.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pasghetti Western

 Spent yesterday on the set of what just might be the last scene in the children's Western Myra and Jim have been filming since Spring.  It's been a wonderfully fun experience for all the kids.  From horseback riding across the "Great Plains" to rustling sheep, we've had a great time.  Stay tuned for the premiere later this winter!  

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sad, Sad, Sad.

I know we live in a safe place.  That doesn't matter.  Bad things can happen anywhere.  Arriving at school a couple days ago, we found out that the mom of two schoolmates had passed away in the night.  Just went to sleep with a headache and didn't wake up.  I think it never occurred to my boys that a mom could die.  And then today, hearing the news from Connecticut.  I just feel sick.  What to do?  Do you shut down your whole life and life in fear?  I certainly want to some days.  But that's not living.  Oh, oh, oh...I really have no words.  I'm just confused and sad and tired and wondering why things have to be so hard and horrible.  My babies are beautiful, wonderful, perfect, I love them more than life, I can't imagine what those parents must be feeling.  The overwhelming nightmare of it all makes me want to lock my doors, curl up with my bubs, and never let them out of my arms as long as they live.  I must have said 'I love you' to them a hundred times today.  Isn't it insane that no matter how hard you love someone, you can't protect them from bad things?  It's enough to drive a mother bonkers.  On Monday, I'll suggest that the school be locked during the day and visitors be buzzed in, even though we have always just walked right in and called "Yohoo, Tracy!  I'm looking for Amy, have you seen her?"  I hate to have to feel afraid, and ask for big city type security in our tiny, little town, but how can I feel otherwise, after this?  We must do SOMETHING.  I can't write coherently today.  This week has been misery.  Wishing for a better world.

More Holiday Shots

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's The Holiday Season...

 Nothing like the smell of a Christmas tree to put everything right!  Our tree was somewhat smaller than usual this year, to fit in our little apartment, and I was only able to find a very few of our old ornaments when I went hunting in storage, but the boys and I made and found plenty of new ones.  The kids had a glorious few days of sledding before the snow melted.   Give it another week or so and it'll be here to stay!
 Ira eyeballs our 32rd choice of Christmas tree.
 Eli gets ready to cut it down.
 Captain enjoys the festivities...
 ...Except when he has to wear the Santa hat.
"....And then Baby Jesus drove away in the monster truck.  The End."