Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend Magic

Spent a couple days with Dina, Dan & the girls. Nice to be somewhere where Spring is already happening! Last night, it hailed and snowed here! Enough to make the ground all white again...luckily it's gone now, but yuck! The boys had a wonderful time in Mass and Rhode Island, we did lots of fun "kid stuff" and got to see Mag win a blue ribbon too!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Fever

Rain, rain, go away... The Kid is down with a fever, so we are spending a quiet day at home. Anyway, we need the rain, April showers and all that... My new laptop is still a bit of a mystery to me, it won't just accept my recent photos, it wants to upload the entire memory card every time, so I need to figure it out before too long. We helped move Justin's Grandma to a different floor in her housing complex this weekend...stuffing sofas into little elevators is pretty tricky! And on Sunday, we cleaned up the back yard some and planned out our garden space. Sugaring is done for us, well, even if the sap is still running a bit, we don't feel like getting soaked gathering it. Funny thing: a coworker of Mom's helped us tap the trees a month and a half ago when the snow was thigh-deep. He tripped over fallen tree trunks a few times in his snowshoes and somewhere in the woods, over about four acres, lost his wedding ring. The last time we gathered, the snow was gone, it was just piles of dead leaves and underbrush, so we all kept our eyes glued to the ground, on the look-out for something shiny. Cynical Justin kept saying not to bother, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack, and we'd never find it. Ten minutes later, he sheepishly opened his hand to show me the wedding ring he found beneath a tree. Man! There is a cold drizzle running down the windows, everything outside is a shade of grey/ brown and I'm wishing we were in Santorini or someplace hot, dry and colorful. Soon enough, I suppose, soon enough. Maybe after this rain, the fields will start to green up! We have a three page list of things we want to get done this summer and I'm itching to get started. Some of it, like replacing the windows and furnace should help us never have another winter like this one! Also projects that will help us stay organized, more bookshelves, re-doing the office space, etc will help with the craziness I feel when I look around at the sea of paperwork, leaning towers of books and random odds and ends on every surface. OK, going to go read some stories to my little sicky. He also wants to listen to wolves howl on youtube. We have a deal where we look up a different animal every day and learn about them...(wolves were over a week ago, but he really likes hearing them again.) Today it's the platypus! -Emily