Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, I guess I didn't take many parade pictures actually, because Captain and I were walking with my dancers, but my two little guys looked pretty cute, so here's a few shots of them! We leave for the beach cabin day after tomorrow for a week...trying to figure out the packing jigsaw puzzle tonight. The dog's crate takes up insane amounts of space. It may be a very long 16 hours...that's OK, the trip there is part of the fun! Anyhow, not that I've been blogging regularly, but obviously I won't be for a week or so. See everyone when we get back!

Friday, May 15, 2009


King Winter vs Lady Spring!

Wellspring's Mayfest was lovely, even if it was raining...I think it rained last year too. Always rain, it's tradition! Sorry I've been neglecting this blog lately, it's been a busy spring so far. We got our garden in and fenced it to keep it safe from the kids and dog. Justin is almost done with welding together a new grape arbor to shade the chicken yard. The chicks will arrive in June, Arucanas, the pretty, gentle kind that lay blue and green eggs like our beloved, late Cruella D'Vill. We planted three more trees in our orchard bringing the grand total up to 20 apples, 2 pears and 6 plums. They all seem to bloom at different times though, right now the plums are doing their thing. Justin and I went to a waldorf storytelling/doll making workshop at the school last night which was fun and funny. We are excited that the school is looking into moving about a mile and a half from us!!! To a site nearby with 25 acres, plenty of parking, woods, and a big, beautiful building that was actually built with a school in mind in the first place. That would be fantastic, to say the least. It's been tricky to find a random parking spot every morning and cross all those busy roads with baby, kid, lunch, clothes, Wellspring is next to the courthouse and you get to see handcuffed people coming and going daily, colorful language included. I started teaching clogging lessons again last Tuesday, my studio was really crowded since I'm trying to keep it to one night a week instead of two. We are going to The Island right after Memorial Day, later than we usually go to open the place up, but we can't get away sooner with all that's going on. The whole summer seems to be filled already! OK, it looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day, so I've got to get my little guys dressed to go out. Later. -Em